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Orang Rimba

Orang Rimba is a name of indigenous nomadic ethnic group living in Jambi, province in the middle of Indonesian Sumatra. Due to logging of the forest and expansion of palm oil plantations their existence within the traditional life style is … Continue reading

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W drodze…/ On the road…

Miało być “Sajgon” w tytule, ale iż wielce możliwe, że prawdziwy Sajgon gdzieś na tej mojej stronie będzie to zrezygnowałam litościwie z wprowadzania takich pułapek.

That post was supposed to be titled Saigon (as that’s how in my country we call a level of a  mess that escapes human imagination), but as a real Saigon should sooner or later appear somewhere here, I resign from introducing that kind of traps. Continue reading