kASIA jalan jalan comes in English

Yes, it is in English. It will take a bit of an exploration on your side but I assume you have a flair for it if you’re here. It won’t be an extreme discovery mission, nor I can promise highly rewarding results ones completed. However, I can assure you, there is a piece of heart and sweat in every piece written in English here. I hope that you’ll will find it and find it entertaining.

The basic guideline for entries in English is “scroll down”. Most of the entries are translated (or written independently) in English and placed below the Polish text.

Same rule apply to pages. Photos on the other hand have been treated with English captions only. Generally, looking around should result in finding English words, tracking them down and solving an enigma. (Speaking of, it was Polish Cipher Bureau that broke Enigma. Just saying…)

You can also click the link below or with the next visit go directly to “in English” under the EN in Menu.

Click here to go to all the texts in English

P.S. Feel more than welcome to comment all the way through that website. First of all, that will please me greatly. Second of all, Polish comments are made in their natural language, but people standing behind them understand English as well.

P.S. 2. I’m not overwhelmingly attached to that particular solution of running website in two languages, so if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, please share them with me. I’ll do my best to handle them with grace.


  1. Hello Katarina!
    Great travels!
    I wonder how did you travel through Central Asia?Did you feel danger?
    How about borders of Tajikististan and Afghanistan?

    • Hello Luaay! Forgive my late reply, I’m having issues with keeping up with what’s happening in the virtual world:(
      As for your question, I felt pretty safe, however I was fourth year into my travels and I think my judgment on the safety issue was well affected by the years of living on the edge… However I can say that Central Asia (Afghanistan aside) are really safe to travel, especially for a man. I was hitchhiking all the way with trucks and felt well taken care of on the way.
      Border with Afghanistan – you need to ask around once yo get there. At the time when I was trying to cross situation was changing really quickly. I didn’t manage to cross from Pamir (Khorog), however if you’re only interested in going to Wahan Corridor that’s the way to go. I was interested in going inland, and the road from that crossing leading to central Afghanistan was under control of Talibans at the time with quite a lot of tumult around the new road that was being constructed by the Chinese. Longs story shot, it was a no-go route, so I went around on the Tajik side to Dushanbe and then went South to the border. The crossing looks abandoned (but it is working) but it went smooth (and slow). On the Afghani side you need to take a taxi and get wherever you’re willing to get. That road is or has been known to have some parts unsafe, so make sure that you give yourself enough time to get to wherever you want during the day. That’s really important because as far as I know even locals do not travel after dark, so you can get stuccoed somewhere where you really do not want to stay for the night.
      As for safety in Afghanistan itself, well… there isn’t one.The biggest danger for a foreigner is in kidnappings, so that’s something you should really pay attention to. All the other things you may try to minimalize by listening constantly to what the people say. Situation over there changes from day to day or hour to hour.
      Having said that people over there are one of the most gentle I’ve ever met and I wish from all my heart for them to have a possibility to live a peaceful lives they deserve. That, however is sadly not the reality at the moment, and as much as you can have loads of luck it only takes one unfortunate step to have that trip ending really nasty.
      Well, I don’t now how to balance my respond:) Let me sum it up this way. I truly recommend Afghanistan for its people and culture and incredible experience. But one can’t ignore that it’s simple a dangerous pace to be, especially as a foreigner. Being a man may help, though.
      As for Central Asia – it’s a lazy beach experience in comaparison:)
      I would love to hear what did you decide and how it went. Drop me a note, please!

      Good luck and safe travels! Kasia

  2. Tinter

    Hello Kasia?
    Just to be sure you’re the one.
    Did we spent beautifull days together in the Banda islands in 2012? Swimming met those melonhead whales?
    Let us known8
    Happy travels
    Tinne & Peter Belgium

    • Hello, hello. Yes, I am the one. However more often than not I’m not sure myself:)

      So great to hear from you Guys! Those were the beautiful days, indeed. We should go for a round 2! Americas? Diving is not even half as good as in Asia, but there is some charm to the place. I’m still in Central America, heading South towards Antarctica, so any time you decide to jump the Ocean, I’m here waiting for you with a cup of coffee.

      How are you doing and where in the world are you these days?

      Have a sunny day and nothing but the good souls to cross your paths.
      Besos! Kasia

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