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Katarzyna Tolwinska
Katarzyna Tolwinska , self-portrait, India

Katarzyna Zofia Tołwińska is a Polish worldwide based photographer, currently in Central America. She has studied photography in the prestigious Fine Art Academy in Warsaw. Having always a great calling for the candid photos and street photography she has left Poland in 2009 and began to travel the world documenting social and cultural diversity of the planet. She specialize in documentary photography and has been awarded for her work with Journalist of The Year Award (Poland, 2012) or Final Selecion of FotoGlob Awards. She has been recently nominated for the National Geographic 2016 Awards for both photography and writings. Her photos has been exhibited on the most prestigious Polish Travel Awards event (Kolosy).
She photographed life in Afghanistan, Iran, Kirgistan,Tajikistan, India, China, Indonesia, Australia, Burma, Bangladesh, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia,  Singapur, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Romania, St. Vincent and Grenadines,  as well as Poland and and other European countries. Following her passion for cultural and social phenomena she’s currently working on several projects (amongst others “The Tribe”, covering modern nomads, artesanos and spiritually driven communities) in North and Central America.
Having a strong journalist background, she’s also a writer and joining those two passions she’s creating a marriage of word and picture that she’s displaying on her website www.katarzynatolwinska.com. She speaks six languages, including fluent English and Spanish.

For the moment she is not accepting assignments, with exception of work in the places where she is currently working on her personal projects. Medias or persons interested in buying, exhibiting or using her work are kindly requested to contact her directly via e-mail (jalanjalan [at] katarzynatolwinska.com)

National Geographic short doc futearing Katarzyna’s work can be seen here:

Sample work can be seen below:

From the series PASAJEROS
From the series PASAJEROS
The Champion, inside of Burmese boxer's training camp, from the series BURMESE DREAMS
The Champion, inside of Burmese boxer’s training camp, from the series BURMESE DREAMS
Man listening to speeches on communist gathering in India
Listening to the speeches

Gorghaland female fighters for independence
Gorghaland fighters for independence
In the back alley Kolkata
In the back alley, Kolkata
Workshop from Todos Santos, series MICROWORLDS
Workshop from Todos Santos, series MICROWORLDS
Generations, Bangladesh


Mother tattoo Burma
Mother tattoo, Burma
Together, sunrise in Mandalay
Together, sunrise in Mandalay
Paraiso czyli raj
From the series PARAISO (Cuba)
From the series “MEANTIMES” (Asia, America, Middle East)
Elephant human conflict
Reportage on elephant-human conflict “ON DUTY TO SAVE A LOST WORLD”
Orang Rimba boys
Reportage from the tribe Chiefs meeting in the Sumatran jungle, ORANG RIMBA – LAST GENERACION

Whale Hunters of Lamalera
Whale Hunters of Lamalera
Children sleeping on the streets of India

 Sample full galleries:

Katarzyna can be followed on Facebook via fan page: kASIAjalanjalan